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Synopsis: Upon awakening in the Spirit World, Andre Luiz faces grim and frightening creatures living together with him in this dark and gloomy. Moreover, it also scares to realize that despite having "died" he is still alive and still feel hunger, thirst, cold and other sensations materials. After a long period of suffering it is collected from this area suffering and purgation of past failures by good spirits and is taken to the Colony Our Spiritual Home, where comes the name of the movie. From that moment he gets to know the life beyond the grave and to learn lessons and gain knowledge that will completely change your way of seeing life.
Having thus become aware that it is disembodied (dead), he feels immense desire to return to Earth to visit and review close relatives of those who have a deep ache. However, as recounted in the synopsis of the film's official site, this happens only for him to realize "the great truth - life goes on for everyone."

It is a feature film based on the homonymous work by Brazilian written by André Luiz and medium psychographed by Chico Xavier.
It reached an audience of 1.6 million viewers in 10 days of display.
Detailed drawings and detailed city map of "Our Home" as well as the architecture of buildings, ministries and homes, were created by the medium Heigorina Cunha through their observations made during his travels outside of the body (split) in March 1979, led and guided Lucius spirit.
His drawings have been clarified and confirmed by Chico Xavier that this was really the city's "Our Home" and later served as inspiration to create the visual architecture of the city you see the movie. 

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