segunda-feira, 4 de outubro de 2010


Tropa de elite

Synopsis: The events of Elite Squad 2 will take place thirteen years after the first film. One of its focuses will be the maturity of the then Colonel Nascimento, who have to deal with problems with her teenage son, with the interpreter Nascimento, Wagner Moura, saying, "The Birth undergoes a process of maturation that has to do with concept of consciousness and at his age". The film also shows the growth of BOPE and conflict between militias and police in Rio de Janeiro. Director Jose Padilha said that "the film deals with the relationship between security and public campaign financing. Makes link between security and politics". In addition, a rebellion will be held in jail in Bangor 1, led by Beirada, Seu Jorge character.

The film is slated for 08 October.
The film stars Wagner Moura.

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